If you plan to work as a machinist, you'll spend a lot of time around a CNC lathe machine shop. There are many important safety rules to observe, but here are just a few to focus on as a beginner machinist. 

Pay Attention During Safety Training

Before working in a CNC lathe machine shop as a machinist, you'll go through safety training. It's standard for all beginner machinists and designed to give you helpful fundamentals and knowledge to keep you safe. Just make sure you pay attention during the training program.

Stay focused on relevant safety principles taught, including how to safely set up workpieces and hazards to watch out for. Stay attentive during your safety training so you don't put yourself or others at risk around a machine shop.  

Extensively Tour the Shop Before Machining

When you first get hired to work at a CNC lathe machine shop, you should tour the facility first. Going from area to area lets you get a better idea of the shop's layout and how to navigate it safely, even as a beginner machinist. 

Throughout the extensive tour, you can familiarize yourself with different CNC machining equipment and emergency resources. For instance, you can note the locations of fire extinguishers and emergency exit doors in case of a future fire. 

Observe Your Surroundings

Observing your surroundings is one of the simplest yet most effective things you can do to stay safe in a lathe shop. Whether you cut into materials using a CNC machine or clean the machine after fabrication, pay attention to your surroundings the entire time.

You'll have an easier time paying attention around a machine shop if you come to work with energy and know what safety hazards to watch out for. 

Wear Protective Gear

You must wear protective gear regardless of what you plan to machine around a CNC lathe machine shop. You don't want major parts of your body exposed as you manipulate workpieces with a powerful CNC machine. 

Safety glasses are among the most important items. They'll shield your eyes from materials that fly off workpieces when you cut and drill them. You'll also need a quality pair of thick work gloves, considering your hands will always be right by a CNC machine. 

To stay safe as a beginner machinist working around a lathe machine shop, you must comply with specific protocols. If you study and master them, you'll easily avoid significant injuries. 

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