If your operations call for tapped holes for various fasteners, you may need to measure the distance between them, and that is possible if you use a hole location gage. As long as you follow these guidelines when purchasing said measuring tool, it will give you precise measurements in a convenient manner.

Assess the Diameter of Tapped Holes

Tapped hole location gages come in a lot of different sizes, and it's important you get the right option so that you can successfully complete this measurement task. You'll just need to assess the diameter of the tapped holes that you're looking to measure.

Then you can order tapped hole location gages that are designed to fit inside these holes perfectly, letting you proceed to measurement without any sort of roadblocks getting in your way. 

Test Out a Couple of Different Models to Review Ease of Use

When you use a tapped hole location gage, you want to trust that the distance between two centerlines of tapped holes is easy to measure each time. Then you won't have difficulty using this measuring tool at any point.

You can find out more about the ease of use of said tools if you test out a couple of different models. You can work with them in real-time around tapped holes and see what their true capabilities are.

You just need to find a way to test out various location gages without buying them outright. For instance, you can visit a trade show where they're being marketed and then try them out for yourself. 

Verify Solid Construction Is Provided

If you have to measure the distance between tapped holes on a regular basis, then an important priority to have when purchasing these location gages is getting a variety with a solid construction. Then you can work with said gages in a confident manner, knowing you're not going to cause them damage.

Even if you insert these gages often into tapped holes for measurement purposes, the solid construction is going to help these gages avoid breaking down and chipping. You can use the same gages over and over for tapped hole measurements.

To measure the distance between two centerlines of tapped holes, you'll need location gages. You can find them on the market with ease. You just need to figure out what variety is going to help you complete this measuring task with ease and confidence each time it's required. 

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