Hex head bolts are great for many different projects that require you to fasten things together and maintain the connection for a long time. Hex head bolts come in many sizes, varieties, and materials, so choosing the right one can be a little confusing, but there are people that can help you.

Hex Head Bolt Suppliers

Fastener suppliers carry many different hex head bolts, so you can find just about anything you need there when you are looking for something specific. If you are not sure what you need, they can help you determine what will work and recommend specific fasteners to do the job for you. 

Hex head bolts that will replace older bolts should be the same size and hardness, but if you create something new and use bolts to hold it together, you may need to determine how strong the bolts need to be. The hex head bolt supplier should have a chart that will help figure out the strength of the bolt so you can choose ones that are not going to break or shear when you put a load on them.

Many large home centers have extensive fastener selections and people that know about them as well. They can help you select the tight hex head bolts from their stock if you need them, or you can browse through the designs they have on hand. Many hex head bolt suppliers will order fasteners for you if required as well. 

Material Types

Hex head bolts are available in many different materials, but the most common is mild steel that can be used for most applications. The steal is durable and can stretch a little when tightened to help retain a nut if one is used.

Some stainless steel and alloy-based bolts are designed to be used in applications where the bolts need a particular specification. Other materials like titanium are sometimes used for durability and weight reduction, and aluminum bolts are often required if they are threaded into an aluminum part to keep the bolts from seizing. 

Sometimes bolts that need to shear at a specific level are made using an alloy that is heat-treated in a way that creates a brittle bolt with a particular breaking point. In other situations, a heat-treated bolt may be required to withstand a greater force than usual. 

While all of these hex head bolts look similar, the way they are made and then heat-treated or annealed, can change the properties significantly. If you are looking for something specific, talk with a fastener supplier about the available options that will work well for your application.