Zinc-nickel plating is a finish that is added to many different types of metal items. The plating is typically made primarily of zinc, but it also includes nickel. Since zinc-nickel plating is commonly used as a finishing process, these are a few times when you might need it. Luckily, there are zinc-nickel plating services that can assist you by adding this popular coating to your metal items, whether you simply want to have a coating added to one item or if you are making a lot of different items out of metal.

When Two Different Metals Are Used Together

In some cases, when you make something out of two or more metals, you have to worry about those two metals interacting poorly with one another. This can cause problems if you aren't careful. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can't use two or more metals together; in fact, sometimes this makes the most sense from a budget standpoint or when you are concerned about durability or appearance. However, if you are concerned that the multiple metals that you are using together are not going to mesh well, you may find that using zinc-nickel plating is a good way to prevent problems.

When Corrosion Is a Concern

Corrosion is a big concern when you're working with metal items of all different types. This is especially true if you are making items that are going to be used outdoors or that are otherwise going to be exposed to a lot of moisture. If corrosion is a concern, it's a good idea to think ahead and add the proper finish so that you can help prevent it from ever being a problem in the first place. Luckily, zinc-nickel plating is usually quite helpful for this purpose.

When Items Will Be Put Through Heavy-Duty Use

Some metal items are put through heavier duty use than others. For example, an item that is made from metal but that is going to be used for decorative residential or light commercial purposes might not be put through a lot of heavy use, so a protective finish — although potentially helpful — might not be required. If the metal items that you are making are going to be used for heavy-duty, industrial use, on the other hand, adding a zinc-nickel plating finish is a good way to make sure that the metal item can hold up well against this heavy use.

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