From asphalt shingles to metal sheets, there are all kinds of ways to protect the roof of your home. However, there is one form of roofing that does not come up a great deal in regular homeowner conversation: stamped metal roofing. If you want the benefits of a metal roof and the versatility of variant roof design, stamped metal roofing definitely deserves your attention. If this is a concept that is rather new to you, you are bound to have a few curiosities. Take a look at these common homeowner questions about stamped metal roofing and the answers you will want to know. 

What exactly is stamped metal roofing?

Stamped metal roofing is roofing that is created by the manufacturer with stamped designs. This metal roofing is available in an array of different forms, from the traditional sheets that go up in large sections at a time to the smaller tiles or shingle-like pieces. Even though stamped metal roofing is often thought of as a more modern idea, this is a technique that has been used on metal roofing for a long time. 

What kind of stamped designs can you get on this form of metal roofing?

Truthfully, the possibilities of designs with stamped metal roofing are completely endless because if you can dream it up, there is probably a manufacturer out there who can create it for you and your home. However, there are some basic stamped metal roofing designs that are more common to find, including:

  • geometric patterned stamped metal roofing with squares, triangles, or other shapes
  • stamped roofing that looks just like asphalt shingles
  • specialty stamped geometric roofing with specific patterns, such as pieces stamped with a fleur de lis

Is stamped metal roofing as resilient as other forms of roofing?

Basically, stamped metal roofing is the same as traditional metal roofing because the materials are much the same. Therefore, this form of decorative roofing is most likely going to give you and your home the same longevity that metal roofing systems are known for. However, this can also depend on the specific type of stamped metal roofing you choose. 

Does tamped metal roofing take longer to install than traditional metal roofing?

Stamped metal roofing can take longer to install in some cases. This is especially true if the stamped metal roofing you choose consists of smaller pieces than large metal sheets, as this is naturally going to take a contractor longer to put up piece by piece. Talk to a metal stamping company, such as Hub Manufacturing & Metal Stamping, for more information.