Whether you're designing a data center for robust information services or managing a limited computer department as part of a business, there are a lot of devices on the market that no longer fit equipment storage standards. At one point, the 19-inch server rack and similar rack designs were enough to store most devices, but with new companies making their mark on the computer industry and new standards pushing for dominance, you may end up with a lot of equipment that doesn't safely fit with your plans. Before buying adapters and new storage solutions from different vendors, consider a few ways that a metal fabricator company can make a more elegant solution.

What's Wrong With Multi-Vendor Storage?

 If you plan to expand your computer department or have an extremely limited room size for your information technology (IT) systems, the additional storage can take up too much space.

Adding multiple racks for each vendor results in multiple racks with only one or a few devices in each rack. It's inefficient and spreads out your equipment in ways that are difficult to manage.

The point of a server rack is to conserve space by stacking devices vertically. Devices are mounted in the rails with enough free area for air to pass through while taking up a single rack's worth of equipment space. Multiple devices and their supporting power units can fit in a single rack, although the maximum number can change depending on device size.

Metal Fabricators Can Bring Enhanced Designs

One frame type for all devices is the goal. If you want to have as many devices mounted onto a single rack as possible, you'll need a way to make everything fit. 

The easiest way to accomplish a single rack fit is to get a rack that fits the size of your largest device. A metal fabricator team can design standard metal posts for server racks or create rack designs with features such as moving, vertical rails or hollow rails for cabling.

With the rack size out of the way, metal fabricators can create shelving that can enclose around any device. Custom cages can be designed for each device that allows easy access to buttons, screens, and placement for cables.

If you'd prefer, a single cage type can be built at a faster rate to insert the devices, although customized button and screen access may be more difficult.

Contact a metal fabricator team like Simko Industrial Fabricators to discuss server rack type, railings, and other solutions for custom computer system management.