Your storage trailer provides an easy and convenient method to transport tools, furniture, and other items. However, the storage trailer may not supply the necessary protection your items need. A storage trailer is vulnerable to moisture, pests, intruders, and other threats. To give your storage the proper protection it needs, consider these three tips.

1. Water-Proof Your Storage

While storage trailers provide significant protection from the rain and snow, moisture can still leak in through holes and vents, especially in heavy weather and high humidity. Make sure that anything easily damaged by humidity, like clothes, electronics, or power tools, are sealed in plastic bins or containers.

Furniture with wood and cloth can also be easily damaged by water in the air. To prevent this, place a bucket of charcoal briquettes in the trailer. The charcoal will absorb moisture and reduce humidity in an enclosed space. Replace the charcoal every 30 to 60 days.

Additionally, look for leaks on a bright sunny day by looking around the trailer for sunshine getting through. Leaks and holes not part of the trailers ventilation system need to be repaired immediately.

2. Organize Your Storage

Damage to your belongings usually doesn't happen when your possessions are sitting still, but when they are being moved. To reduce how often the storage is moved, keep your items well-organized and documented.

Try to keep furniture sets together, as these will often need to be accessed together. Label all boxes carefully and descriptively, and have a knowledge of where they are in the trailer. Try to keep a path in the middle of the trailer to access easily all parts of the trailer.

3. Prevent Intruders

Make sure your storage trailer is locked up tight, against both animals and humans. Mice, rats, bugs, and other pests can enter through almost any hole or vent, and will excrete on and damage your belongings. If you notice any droppings or signs that pests have been in your trailer, set out traps and poison to deter them, and search the inside and outside of the trailer for holes.

To prevent human intrusion, keep the trailer locked up with a padlock or bike lock. Only reveal the combination or give a key to those you trust. Make sure the trailer is structurally sound, and that it remains parked in a safe location free of heavy foot traffic.

Your trailer is an invaluable tool for storing and transporting your belongings. Make sure you take the necessary steps to prevent any damage to your storage through a company like Turner Leasing Co Inc.