If you have heavy equipment that you use regularly for your business, it will need to have regular repairs and maintenance done to it. This can sometimes mean that you need to replace blown or damaged gaskets. This can be a difficult job if you have a specialized machine and cannot find the right gaskets to do the repairs that you need. Luckily, there are businesses that make the custom gaskets that you may need for your repairs. When you need to replace these gaskets, here are four things that you will want to know about gasket repairs:

1. Identifying Problems With Gaskets On Your Equipment

The first thing you will want to do with heavy equipment is to identify gasket problems. With problems with the motor, sometimes these problems may be obvious when you see things like white smoke. If the gasket is for something like hydraulics, it may not be as obvious. It is a good idea to inspect the entire machine when it is running and when it is not. Look for signs of leaking fluid where gaskets are located. If you see any fluid coming from gaskets, then they will need to be replaced.

2. Removing The Gasket That You Are Having A Problem With

Once you have identified the gasket that is damaged, it will have to be replaced. If it is on the motor, you will have to remove the motor oil. For gaskets that are on the hydraulic system, you will have to remove the hydraulic fluid from the machine. If the oil or hydraulic fluid is clean, you can store it in a clean container. Once you have the fluid removed, you will be ready to remove the parts and the old gasket.

3. Finding The Right Replacement For Your Bad Gasket

You will also want to find the right replacement for the old gasket. This can be the standard gasket that you remove, or you can have a custom gasket made. If you use your machine in certain conditions, such as extreme cold, you can have a gasket made for better performance in this type of environment. You can also have gaskets made from better materials, which can improve the performance of your machine in any conditions.

4. Things To Know When Replacing The Gaskets On Your Equipment

If you replace your gasket with a standard replacement, you can torque the bolts to the manufacture requirements of your machine. Gaskets that are made of different materials or that have been custom made have different requirements. You will need to check with the gasket service about applications for your gasket and the torque they need to have for the best performance. Some different types of materials may also need to have different types of sealants to seal the gaskets, which is another thing you will want to check.

These are some things to consider when changing gaskets on heavy duty machines. If you need to have custom gaskets, contact a custom gasket service like FB Wright of Cincinnati to get the gaskets you need for your machinery.