Mobile homes can be tough places to live in areas with harsh winters. Mobile homes are especially notorious for having thin walls, poor insulation, and leaky windows. As your heating bills rise due to the approaching cold, you may be wondering how you can stay warm this winter and keep costs down. Why not invest a little time and money into winterizing your home? Here are tips for getting your mobile home ready for winter:

1. Install new windows

Many mobile homes, especially older models, have thin windows. The thin glass allows heat to escape much more easily than thicker glass. Also, mobile homes can have windows that are not properly sized or installed. Even the best windows allow heat to escape if they don't fit snugly into the window sill. If your mobile home is an older model, you may need to replace your windows. You can get storm windows from a mobile home supplies store. Before installation, be sure the storm windows are sized properly. However, if you have a newer model, you may not need to replace your windows. Instead, buy caulk for weather proofing and seal the seams around your windows. This prevents hot air from escaping your home.

2. Put in more insulation

Older mobile homes have thin walls and floors. If you have an older model, a complete renovation may be necessary to get your home ready for winter. While initial costs may seem steep, it is more than worth the savings on your heating bill. Better insulation can keep pipes from bursting due to cold and prevent floor rot. A winter renovation involves ripping down old, thin walls and installing more insulation. Sheet rock is placed over the insulation. Sheet rock is a much better insulator than the thin plywood of older mobile homes. Also, you will need to go underneath your home and take out the old insulation that sits under the floor. Install new insulation and layer it. Then, remove your old flooring and install a thicker kind. The renovation will make your walls and floors thicker and prevent heat from escaping. This will also prevent floor rot, which is a common issue in mobile homes.

3. Get your home a skirt

A skirt for a mobile home can make all the difference. A skirt combined with your new floor will keep your home even warmer this winter. Skirts act as a barrier between your home and the cold. A skirt is the foundation for your mobile home. A foundation doesn't just keep a home in place. It also protects pipes and keeps snow from getting under a home. A skirt can do the same thing. So, have a skirt installed under your mobile home. Also, you can install insulation behind your skirt to give your home yet another layer.