If you have orphan wells on your property that are abandoned, you have to do certain things as far as plugging them up. That's something you can get help with. Just make sure your orphan well abandonment solutions provider is able to offer several things.

Site-Specific Screening

Before an orphan well that has been abandoned around your property is treated, certain assessments have to take place first. Professional solution providers can help with this if they offer site-specific screening, which will look at all relevant factors related to this treatment process.

That includes the site of the orphan well, the ground conditions around it, and the probability of leaking. Once these aspects are identified and documented, the orphan well abandonment solutions provider can put together better treatment plans that account for all potential risk factors and key variables. 

Contractor Management

Professional contractors will be required to effectively plug and treat an abandoned orphan well. You don't have to struggle figuring out who to hire and when if you just find an abandonment solutions provider that offers contractor management services.

They'll help you source qualified professionals that know how to work with the abandoned orphan well around your property. They'll also manage these contractors after they're hired, making sure they arrive at the right time and perform key duties before leaving for good. The solutions provider will even maintain communications with these contractors, ensuring everyone is on the same page with what needs to happen. 

Post-Closure Assessment

Once your abandoned orphan well is closed off with a system or solution, you want to make sure there isn't any way substances could leak out at a later date. You won't have to complete this task yourself if you just find an abandonment solutions provider with post-closure assessment, like Calgem Well Abandonment.

Well specialists that performed the closing will go back through and verify a tight seal has been created that's going to last for years and years. They'll document their findings in reports too so that you have it in your records in case you ever need to verify the orphan well was successfully closed.

If you're looking to better manage an orphan well that has been abandoned, what you can do is be strategic when finding an abandonment solutions provider. If they offer the right services from the beginning, you're going to have less issues closing up one of these wells and preventing negative environmental situations.