In your manufacturing plant, your employees might be tasked with the job of connecting machinery together and otherwise connecting hoses all throughout each shift. This job is far from difficult, but it can be frustrating when the two hoses don't want to fit together tightly. Plus, if your employees aren't able to get the hoses to fit together quickly, it can slow down the entire production line. Luckily, there are ways to ensure a tighter and faster fit between the hoses. These are three tips that can help your employees get the job done more quickly and efficiently, which can make the job easier and less frustrating, thus saving time and money.

1. Use Quick Connect Hose Fittings

Having fittings on the end of your hoses helps ensure a snug and secure fit. However, not all fittings are created equally. Even though some fittings are quite inexpensive, these inexpensive pieces of hardware often don't fit together as quickly or as easily. It's best to go ahead and invest in brass quick connect hose fittings, which are designed to make rapid and accurate changing easy. Along with investing in the right fittings for all of your hoses, you should consider keeping extras on hand -- and preferably within close reach of each work station -- in case they are needed throughout the workday.

2. Keep Hose Ends Clean

It's not uncommon for hose ends to become gritty and dirty in your factory, but any debris can either make it difficult for employees to connect and reconnect hoses or can get in the way of the hoses actually connecting without any problems. Keep clean rags at each workstation, and encourage your employees to wipe off the ends of the hoses before connecting them to prevent this issue.

3. Keep Lubricant on Hand

Sometimes, even if the hose ends are clean and the right fittings are attached to the ends, there could still be an issue of getting them to fit together as they are supposed to. This is where a simple industrial lubricant will come in handy. If employees add a tiny amount of lubricant to the fittings on the ends of the hoses, they might find that they will screw together more easily. Keep plenty of industrial lubricant on hand, since it can be helpful in all areas of your factory and can be more affordable if you purchase it in bulk.