When you decide that you want to utilize a self-storage unit either temporarily during the process of moving or permanently to help declutter your home but still keep your valuables in your possession, then you will want to be sure that you are using the self-storage unit right. In order to keep your items in the best condition and guarantee that you will be satisfied with your use of the storage unit, you will want to keep these five important tips in mind:

  1. Choose a Facility with 24/7 Access: There are some storage facilities that only allow their customers to access their self-storage unit when they are open. This means that if you need to get to something in the middle of the night for some reason, you won't be able to. This can actually be inconvenient should you be in the process of moving, or you need to get to something in the early hours of the day before you go on a trip somewhere. 
  2. Choose a Facility that Takes Pest Control Seriously: When you are choosing a self-storage facility, be sure that you ask what measures they take for pest control. They should have regular inspections for pests set up with a professional pest control company. When pests are noticed, they should be immediate in the removal as well. 
  3. Take Pictures of Your Items: Taking pictures of the items that you store in your unit is especially important when you are storing valuables. This is because should any damage occur, you will be able to report the original condition to your insurance company to guarantee that you receive proper compensation for repairs or replacement. 
  4. Take Care of Appliances: Before you store any appliances, you must be sure that you have provided proper care. For example, if you are storing a refrigerator, you have to be sure that you defrost it first to avoid water damage in the unit. On top of this, once you store it in your unit, you will want to leave the doors slightly ajar to prevent mold growth and condensation buildup. The smell alone from mold growth can affect all other items in your unit. 
  5. Spray Wood Furniture with Furniture Spray: Wood is extremely delicate, which is why you want to take extra protective measures by spraying it down with furniture spray. This is going to help deter water damage and moisture buildup, which can completely ruin the furniture.

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