Getting out of your car and opening the gate to park your car can be frustrating in bad weather, which is why you may want to have an automated gate. An automated gate works with a remote control, sensors, and other features. It can also have security features such as video camera and intercom system to allow you to permit people to pass through your gate. If you want to have an automated gate installed in your home, here are four options that you have.

1. Choosing The System For Opening The Gate

There are many different types of systems that can open your gate; the type of system will depend on how your gate opens. If you have a gate that slides on a track, you will need to have an arm installed on it to open and close it. It will also need to have a motor to operate it. For gates that swing open, you will need to have a different system for opening the gate, perhaps an actuator and an arm and motor that opens and closes the gate.

2. Automation Controls For Your Gate

There are also many options for automation controls that you can have installed on your gate. These controls can be a combination of sensors that automatically detect when a car is in front of the gate and opens it. You can also have remote controls for your gate just like the garage door opener in your car. If you want, you can get a combination remote that opens both the gate and your garage door.

3. Intercoms And Security For Controlling Your Gate

While remotes can make it easy for you and your family to open your gate, you will want to be able to open it for other people that come to your home too. You can have intercoms installed in your gate, which will allow you to talk with someone at your gate from inside your home and open the gate. An intercom will give you a since of security and allow you to know who you are opening the gate for.

4. Video Surveillance For Your Gate

To add to the security of your gate, you can also have video surveillance installed with the intercom. You may also want to have additional cameras installed to monitor the access to your home and record the video in case something happens that you want to see the video from. It is another thing that you can have added to the gate of your home to give you more security. Talk to professionals like Incom Inc to see what other gate accessories you can add to make your home more seucre.